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Here are pictures of the Ithaca Crass 10 ga. that my client took himself after receiving the metal. Mr Tucker restored the wood while I restored the receiver, damascus barrel & attaching hardware.

Here is a reprint of what my client wrote to me after receiving the metal:

Dear Mr. Printz,
I received the Grade Two Crass model Ithaca 10Gauge double barrel shotgun just before Christmas and it was beautiful. The case coloring was almost as the original. The small amount of color left on the action indicated orange streaks below the fences and a blue bottom. Your new case coloring was perfect for this gun. The Damascus barrels had been cold blued and now look as if they are new. You are right they are a perfect match in design. I believe the Damascus is a very pleasing pattern now and adds to the overall beauty of the gun. All the blued parts are as original as possible to restore. It all looks great. I could not be more pleased with your restoration; it is professional in every aspect. I mailed pictures of the gun after it was assembled to you today.

Thanks for all your work.

Very Truly Yours,
J. David Tucker

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