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Tuesday, 02 January 2018

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Received my USFA Single Action today and it really looks good, couldn't be more happy with it.† The caseharden frame and hammer was outstanding with a beautiful color that looks the way Colt had always done their 1st Generation Colt Single Actions using the charcoal method.
Thanks alot,
Doug Buckley


Just a note to let you know I did get the parts today! The look beautiful! I don't beleive I have seen case colors with that much pattern to them! They turned out great. Again, I thank you for getting them out so quickly and doing a first class job. You will be my Case Color guy!
Thanks again,


Outstanding job Dan! †I am going to show your work to my friends. †Hopefully they will partake of your services.
(After I color cased hardened a LC Smith Field for him.)


† Got the parts in yesterday in good condition. Very nice a usual. Thank you so much for running those through, I know the customers will be very happy. Iíll get the flintlock together today as leaving for the Santa Fe Trails rendezvous next week. David is excited about the LC Smith so will get it together also. The Winchester is my cousinís and it is one of those family heirloom projects so will be a real keeper.
Again thanks for the good work and hope you can get caught up some day.


I contacted Dan to interview him for a paper that I am writing for my English 111 course at Piedmont Community College. He was very giving of his time and very easy to talk to. It was a pleasure to interview someone that graduated from my school with the same goals I have . Thank-you Dan for your selfless attitude and hope God continues to bless you and your family in the future. I am attending P.C.C. in the fall to start my gunsmithing courses please keep me in your prayers as you have given me yet one more role model to help push me into the right direction.

Stacey Dixon


I'm having a hard time choosing between stunning and breathless. Given the muzzle loader will be wearing the Pro Hunter frame the colors will look fantastic with the Turkish Walnut stock and the regular Encore frame will bring out the smoke in the English Walnut for the 7mm-08 pistol. I could not be more pleased and thank you so much. Warm regards.



Outstanding work, better than what I could ever imagine. This Vulcan Arms shotgun belonged to my grandfather, the first gun I ever hunted with, alot of sentimental value. Thanks Dan, God Bless!

Ryan Glauber



First of all, I want to say thank-you for a job well done on my Winchester. It was a joy working with you regarding the project and the end result is outstanding. Aside from the restoration of my rifle, it was a pleasure meeting you and talking about situations that surprise us in life and having the strength and most importantly,the faith to overcome and persevere. Judge Frank



Wow!! OUTSTANDING job - beautiful results. I'm glad that we went with the "matt" topcoat rather than the gloss. Some of the other parts in the kit were "color case hardened" (probably chimical voo-do) and the frame will match them nicely.
I can't help but feel that if Sam Colt and his workers at the Patterson, NJ plant (where the original Walkers were made) are looking down they will be nodding their heads and giving a thumbs up about your efforts.
Getting the frame back is going to motivate me to finish the polishing / bluing of the rest of the parts and to get it together. You'll be getting some pictures of the finished project".

Best regards.

Dealing with Dan...

The first comment in this section is a email I sent Dan after I received the part he had color case hardened for me. Here is the whole story of the project. A good friend of 40+ years was retiring and I wanted to recognize the milestone in his life with a special gift. He, like me is a gun nut so I decided that he would enjoy a replica percussion pistol. I decided that I would build the Ulberity Colt Walker kit that Dixie gun works sells. When I got the kit, I found to my dismay that the frame was not color case hardened (as were the originals) so I started looking on the net for someone who could do a small odd job like this. I did not find too many outfits that did this sort of work (Doug Turnbull in New York and Dan were the only ones that stood out). Being a son of the south (great grandfather was at Gettysburg with Picket's brigade and survived - good for me) I decided to keep the business south of the Mason-Dixon line and contacted Dan. I was totally impressed with doing business with him. He has figured out the keys to business success that a lot of company's have forgotten. Good communications, honesty and superior workmanship. Communications - he always responded to emails within 48 hours with crisp, no nonsense answers. Honesty - Dan Quoted me a price in one of our early email exchanges that was below what the price he quotes on his web site. He would have been well within his rights to say "my bad" and charge me the higher price but he stuck to the (lower) price he had quoted me. The man is honest to a flaw. Workmanship - the finished color case hardening job on the Walker frame was outstanding. My friend that received the completed project was blown away by the looks of the pistol. Bottom line - would I do business with Dan in the future? Yep - in a New Youk minute!

Wayne Freeman


"Hi Dan,

Just wanted to let you know the Enfield pieces arrived. Wow do they look nice, there just what I was hoping for. You did a great job on them and I surely appreciate it. When I get the rifle put back together I'll send you a few pic's.

Once again thank you Dan, take care and God bless you".............D. DiMola



I JUST read your testimony on your website and even though
I've heard it from you half a dozen times, and have details that
some will never know about, your testimony STILL never ceases to
amaze me! You have given the Lord credit for leading you through
some pretty rough times! ...and your joy is "intact"!...obviously!

Buddy, I see Jesus in you! When I look past the rough
old Marine, and the N.C. State Highway Patrolman, I see my friend
Jesus! He has made you what we call a MMOG (Mighty Man Of God)!


My Dad's Iver Johnson 12Ga. SxS arrived from your shop a couple of hours ago.
I have assembled the gun and you certainly did a great job on the Case 
Color {Bone and Charcoal} on the receiver. The colors perfectly fit 
the character of the gun and I know my Dad with his eye for true 
craftsmanship gave his approval.
The work you did rust bluing the barrels is also outstanding and the 
ivory beads you installed are also perfect.
Thank you for the signed letter on the "fine paper" that explains the 
gunsmiths procedures that brought the "old gun" back from the hard use 
it endured during the Depression years of the 1930's. The gun is now 
ready for my Grandsons and the 21st Century. 
Sincerely Yours,
C. E. Richards


I got the nuts yesterday. I put the head on today, unfortunately the engine didn't start because it has been sitting too long. But the head and the nuts look awesome. I am very happy with the way they turned out. I will have more work for you in the future.

Thanks Zeb


Hi from Dan M.†

I received the .410 on Wednesday and it turned out very nice, thank you very much.† The color case colors makes it historical again. As the story goes, I had received a .410 double on Christmas around 1968 from my uncle. I really like that gun and used it a lot hunting birds. Then out of the blue my uncle wants the gun back to give to a nephew and he'll give me a deer rifle. Well that didn't go over to good with me, but I agreed because you can't go against uncle Tom. Within a week I had found an exact duplicate Steven's .410 at the local gun store in St. Paul and bought it. Paid like $85.00 for it and when I told dad he thought I paid too much and told me to take it back and he'll make it worth my while. I didn't want to so end of story until 2 years ago. My dad passed away and I found this gun's hiding spot. He had the original Steven's .410 and how he had got it from my cousin I don't know, but the gun he said would make it worthwhile to me if I took the duplicate back was a .410 Winchester Model 42 in perfect condition. My dad had inherited the Winchester from my uncle Tom and probably the original Steven's as well. Now I have all 3 guns and I passed the original .410 to my son. You had worked on the duplicate Steven's. I had used it so much that I wore the finish off and I had it plated and wrecked it, so I'm very glad you got it back to it's original condition.

Thanks again Dan M.



Tried to call you today. Got the slide ............... number one , thanks for the ultra-fast turn around.

Number two ....... son of a ?itch !!!!!!!!!!!!!! what a job !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
You use me for a reference anytime !!!! I am so satisfied and flat grateful, I don't have the words, GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dad-gum-it ....... what a job !!!!!!! You and I have a ton of stuff to do. We don't need to haggle over price anymore either. You did me a favor, and I KNOW IT !!!!!!!!!!!!!

Thank-you, and I am one satisfied customer who is owned by YOU !!!!!!




I received the Marlin today and it was not what I was expecting. I can't believe it came out as nice as it did. How you managed to eliminate the rust and pitting and keep the roll marks looking like new is beyond me, you truly do have a talent. The only down side is now I have to try to make the wood look as nice as the rest of the rifle. I wish I had taken some before pictures to show people the difference. I am going to get a letter for the old Winchester I spoke with you about, then I will contact you about sending it. Many thanks for the fine job, if you have no objections I will post about this on a couple of local gun forums.

Thank you,
Kirby Overby


Words cant express how happy I am with your restoration of my 
grandfathers shotgun.  Thank you so much!!!!
Your new friend,

A few years back I bought a 3E off the net.† When I received the gun, it was a little rougher than I expected.† As a matter of fact, it had lots of issues.† The bluing and color case was all but gone, one of the fingers on the butt stock was cracked, the fore end checkering was smashed and the Hunter One Trigger was acting up. †

Well I had enough of that.† These guns left the factory after being built by American craftsmen.† Each one was a hand made machine built with pride.† I needed to get the old gal back in shape.† So I started looking around for someone to do the work.† I received several suggestions from the LC Smith Collectors Association.† I called several but chose Dan Printz because of his enthusiasm and detailed questions.

He told me to keep the gun until it fit into his schedule.† He called me when he was ready.† He even helped me out with the local UPS folks that were a little ignorant on their own policies.† Anyhow, the gun got there and I received photos along the way.† This was above and beyond expectations, but I really appreciated that extra touch.

Once he got into the gun, more problems were found.† He called and verified what I wanted done before any cost was added.† The gun had a loose rib and the stock had even more cracks on the inside.

When I got the gun back it looked better than expected. Even the cantankerous Hunter One Trigger and ejectors works right.

I highly recommend, without any hesitation, that you contact Dan Printz for any of your restoration or color case needs.

John M Harris




I am totally pleased with the case coloring you did to my Elsie F Grade. The colors are so much like the original that it is hard to tell the difference. The gun went together without a hitch and locks up like a new weapon. No warping or misfits. Not only is your work professional, but your integrity is beyond reproach.

Thanks for a job "Well Done!". Carry On!

Marc Niebergall USNR Retired



My Model 1906 parts arrived a few days ago. They look great! If only I'd taken images of the before and after condition of them, people would say wow! Your work is exemplary. The rust bluing is outstanding. The color case hardening is just plain cool. I'll have the gun assembled in a few days. You have exceeded my expectations.† Brett



I thought I was taking a chance on sandblasting my S/S Ruger SBH .44 Magnum revolver.After polishing it up for a season or two it shone like a diamond while hunting...duh...what was I thinking???After reading's website I came across an article about Dan Printz and The Firing I contacted Dan and asked him about dulling the shine on my SBH.He was very honest and upfront about options.So I took a chance and held my breath.Dan did the most incredible sandblasting job that I have ever seen on a firearm.I could not be happier.The price was more than fair and turnaround was unbelievable.Less than a week including shipping.My revolver now has a dull gray matte type sandblasting finish with no flaws whatsoever to be found.The quality of Danís work and the plain olí decency of the man just blowís me away.I would not hesitate to send another firearm to his shop and would highly recommend his services to any one of my friends and hunting partners.I can give no higher recommendation than that.Thanks Dan.I do believe you have found another dedicated customer.Keep up the phenomenal work...utmost regards.Scott W. Robinson



Hi Dan,

Just wanted to let you know I received my LC Smith today. I must tell you that you did a really wonderful job on this shotgun. I cannot believe that it turned out this good!! My son looked at it too and you can barely see where the stock was reworked with new wood. I was a carpenter for 20 years, and don't think I could do work that good, and I am a pretty fine carpenter still. You cannot even see the solder where you resoldered the rib. How in the heck did you do that? She operates well and locks up tight even with that ancient forend.
Let me know if you ever need a referral as I would be happy to provide you one!! God Bless and good luck to you! My dad would be proud! Sincerely, Dan Herring


Dear Mr. Printz,

I received my L. C. Smith gun Saturday; however I was very busy with 
affairs at church and did not get to look it over and check the repairs 
until Monday.  The safety works perfectly and the forend locks much 
tighter. Your repair work was very professional and I will use you in the 
future as you have time to work on my old double guns.  
The bluing and case colors were as close to original as I have seen. 
I just finished reading about the Admiral Robert E. Peary, L.C. Smith 
restoration in the Double Gun Journal Volume 21 Issue 3. 
The work you did on my gun looks every bit as good as that restoration. 
The only defects were in the work I did.
Thanks for your quick turnaround and the professional work you performed 
on the old Smith. I have located a 1912 vintage Smith hammer 
gun with Damascus barrels that is a shooter. If all works out we may 
get to have some fun on this one also.Thanks again for your work.

Very truly yours,

J David Tucker



I want to thank you for the excellent job you did on the color case of my L.C. Smith receiver. You have done at least 6 or 7 frames for me over the last couple of years and all were very nice but this one was extra special. The colors are vibrant and widely varied and looked very much like pictures of receivers I have seen in L.C. Smith books and in magazines. I will be sending you more to do in the near future. Thanks again,



Dear Mr. Printz,

I received the Grade Two Crass model Ithaca 10Gauge double barrel shotgun just before Christmas and it was beautiful. The case coloring was almost as the original. The small amount of color left on the action indicated orange streaks below the fences and a blue bottom. Your new case coloring was perfect for this gun. The Damascus barrels had been cold blued and now look as if they are new. You are right they are a perfect match in design. I believe the Damascus is a very pleasing pattern now and adds to the overall beauty of the gun. All the blued parts are as original as possible to restore. It all looks great. I could not be more pleased with your restoration; it is professional in every aspect. I mailed pictures of the gun after it was assembled to you today.

Thanks for all your work.

Very Truly Yours,

J. David Tucker


The coloring on this receiver is just outstanding! I can not believe it colored that well. It is by far the best one you have done for me yet.
Thanks for your efforts,
Jeff Higgins
Dan, I received the Winchester 1873 & parts which you color case hardened
for me. One Word. FABULOUS!!!!Thank you Sincerely, Mike Collins



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